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Why I Learned to Knit

My Mother was an avid crocheter. I attempted to learn crochet from her but I am sure that most of you can relate to mother/daughter learning sessions. It did not go well. I couldn’t please her. Nothing I did was correct.

My Aunt Ione lived many miles away. She was a Navy Doctor’s wife and a nurse. She was very classy looking. I always admired her. She would send us knitted items. In my farm girl mind, I thought that must be what the classy ladies do. They knit!

Maybe I should knit. Mom doesn’t know a thing about knitting and, therefore, couldn’t be critical of what I turned out on my needles. The next time we went to the big city and was in Sears, I bought a teach yourself to knit kit. Yes, 40 years ago Sears had their own brand of yarn and knitting supplies. The yarn was a gorgeous purple. It even had needles with it and a small accessory kit with markers, stitch holders, needle gauge, point protectors and pattern book.

I learned to cast on, knit and cast off. There was a pattern for a slipper in this Sear’s knitting instruction book. I knit one slipper in garter stitch. That was IT! I was hooked. I taught myself to knit on circular needles. Yes, I did twist the stitch and ended up with a mess but I knew what was wrong. I started over and knit myself a skirt (lavendar) in the round. I made a matching vest. I had a thing for purples back then and, yes, I still do. I don’t know where any of this first knitting is now more than 40 years later but it is all vivid in my memory.

Little did I know that some day I would be the owner a yarn store–The Fiber Closet. I have taught many others to knit. I have knitting needles in every size and shape.

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