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TNAA and The Fiber Closet Online

TNNA Summer 2011 in Columbus, Ohio. 

What can’t I say about this wonderful experience.  I attended this year’s event with Gina Mitchell and my husband, Mike.

We saw many designers, authors, yarn suppliers and more. Cat Bordhi pulled Gina into the publisher’s booth to try on a swirl jacket.  Gina also got a hug from the Crochet Dude who was filming in the TNNA booth area.

We also saw Jaala of Knitcircus.  Jaala was hard to miss with her bright pink hair. You should seriously consider subscribing to Knitcircus.  It is an online knitting magazine.

Oh, in case you didn’t see our picture on Facebook, I met Debbie Macomber and received an autographed copy of her latest knitting book, BLOSSOM STREET COLLECTION BOOK 4, scheduled for July release.

We met the Ravelry  crew.  They featured different designer trunk shows throughout the event.  We met WoollyWormhead.

Designers we talked with include:

Michelle Miller, The Fickle Knitter, who designs lace and other knits that use just one skein.  I bought one of her kits and her design binder.

Jennifer Larsen, The Stitch Diva.  I first met Jennifer about 5 years ago.  She has brought Tunisian crochet to the forefront.  She has elevated crochet to the upper levels.  It is not your granny’s crochet.  Her designs are exquisite.

Maggi Jackson, Maggi Knits, a Traditional Irish Knit Designer.  I love her designs and kits.

Stefanie Japel -she organized a knitting circle at Bar on 2 at the Hyatt.  Gina and I had already gotten ready for bed and I saw pictures of it on Twitter and sent msg to Gina.  Next thing I know, Gina is texting me from 2 saying come on down.  I did.  There were so many designers there on the floor.  Yes, on the floor.  Knitters just sat on the floor knitting, chatting and enjoying their libations.  We left at midnight and they were still going strong.

We (Gina) kept reading Twitter comments about an ice cream from Jeni’s Ice Cream.
On Sunday, we walked the 2 blocks to the North Market.  Oh, if only we had gone there 2 days earlier.  Gina and I had wonderful sandwiches and ice cream.  North Market has all sorts of fresh meats, vegetables, flowers and other neat stuff.  We ran into Martha Crossen of River Wools as we were entering the North Market.

I could go on forever about TNNA.  There were a lot more people we saw that I didn’t mention.  But, if you read any of the blogs posted by some of the people I have listed, they talk about them, too.


Yeah!  I have figured out how to link free patterns on the website.  I am trying to associate a free pattern with each brand of yarn that I put on the site.  Check out what I have so far at:  FREE PATTERNS.   I am working on putting a tab in the Menu bar put can’t quite figure it out.  New site builder doesn’t have a link in that bar.

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  1. I can not thank Cheryl enough for taking me along. I have never had so much fun. To be in the presence of all these talented people was so inspiring.

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