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"The Kntter’s Life List" Review

Just received a copy of  “The Knitter’s Life” by Gwen W. Steege.  At first glance, I thought it was going  to be a knitter’s bucket list but it is much more.  I soon discovered that I was being challenged to broaden my knitting experience.

At the beginning of every chapter there are checklists.  Chapter 1 invites one to learn all about yarn–meet animal breeders and buy yarn from the source, visit spinning and weaving mills, learn about color, knit with different fibers, attend fiber events and festivals. (I was pleased to see Hoosier Hills Fiberarts Festival listed.

There is a chapter on “The Know-How” encouraging one to learn different techniques  This chapter is 34 pages long and chocked full of great information.  This book really isn’t the typical instruction book but it peaks one’s curiosity to learn more.  It is a resource manual.

Other chapters explore socks, scarves and more.  Must knit patterns, learn other knit-related crafts such as weaving, spinning and crochet and reading lists are just a few of the things that await the fiber lover reader.

1 thought on “"The Kntter’s Life List" Review

  1. You have sold me….I think this is a must-have book for a fiber enthusiast library.

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