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The Knit Happy Club

The Fiber Closet has teamed up with Knit Happy to bring you the Knit Happy Club.  Following is a list of Questions and Answers you might have about the Club.
What is The Knit Happy Club?

It is a Members Only Club that will be meeting once  a month from September 2011-May 2012.  The club is designed to bring knitters together to learn a new technique each month, encouraging fun, community and education for all members.

When and Where will The Knit Happy Club Meet?

The Knit Happy Club will meet at The Fiber Closet located at 301 West Ohio Street (US 36) in Rockville, Indiana.

The Knit Happy Club hours are 3 PM-5 PM on the following dates:

  • September 10

  • October 8

  •  November 12

  •  December 10

  •  January 14

  •  February 11

  •  March 10

  •  April 14

  •  May 12

What are the benefits and Why join?

Each month you’ll have lots of fun, receive a members only newsletter,  learn a knitting technique,  get a yummy recipe and a free knit pattern that uses that month’s technique.  Memberships paid  by the first meeting will receive the exclusive Knit Happy Tote.

A Featured Item Discount for Members Only each month. It might be a featured yarn, books or notions~even an exclusive offering from the Knit Happy.

How do I join and what is the cost?

Sign up at The Fiber Closet, online,  telephone at 765.569.2953 or mail in the attached PDF flyer coupon.

The cost is $90 for the entire 9 months.  To insure that you are eligible to receive all of the goodies, membership must be paid in full by August 27th.

Will these patterns, newsletters, recipes, techniques be available for non-members?

No, as a shop owner I  pledged to keep the materials sent from Knit Happy for club members exclusive.  They are for members only. This will include patterns, merchandise and classes.

Will there be other dates available? 

Saturday’s aren’t good for you?  Contact me and I will certainly give additional dates a consideration.

Share this info with your friends. Click the following link for a PDF of our flyer.  Please feel free to print this flyer and distribute.

The Knit Happy Club Flyer

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