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Rigid Heddle Weaving at The Fiber Closet

Just received “the weaver’s idea book” by Jane Patrick.  Our Thursday weaver’s have decided that we are going to use it as a workbook and weave our way through the book.  The shop has a few copies left or you can order from Amazon by clicking on the Buy from Amazon link.

If you have not seen this book, I think it is outstanding.  In her Introduction, Jane says that she too had discounted rigid heddle weaving as “inferior” and not “real” weaving.  I started out with a rigid heddle weaving many years ago and quickly moved on to a Baby Wolf and Wolf  Pup plus several rug looms.  But, rigid heddle weaving gives one a quick sense of accomplishment that I have rarely experienced with my other fiber crafts.  A scarf and be warped and woven in less than 4 hours and I am not talking about a short, skinny scarf.  Yes, you can use the loom as a stash buster but most of us are always looking for that special yarn with which  to weave our next project.

I would like to invite all of you to come join us at The Fiber Closet every Thursday, 1-3 PM, and explore all the possibilities of rigid heddle weaving.  No weaving experience or loom needed.

Our weaving group has been weaving on Schacht’s Cricket loom.  

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