Vogue Knitting Holiday 2005


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Meg Swansen On: Latvian Cast On and Cast Off.

  • Sweaters for Soldiers: A San Francisco resident brings attention to the war in Iraq in a knitterly way.
  • All About Edges: A new column by Nicky Epstein.
  • And the Winners Are… VK announces the results of its Breast Cancer Scarf Contest.
  • Luxury Knitting: In an excerpt from her new book Luxury Knitting, Linda Morse tells the story of merino wool. Also: VK looks at the mulesing debate.
  • 10 Gift Ideas.
  • Holiday Fashion Fix: James Coviello, Michael Kors and Twinkle give VK the gift of style.
  • Highland Swing: Equestrian for pedestrians: knitwear for the urban gentry.
  • Into the Woods – Coat Couture: Make a statement when you wear one of these masterpieces. You’ll never want to come in from the cold.
  • Miss Mistletoe: Frill seekers, unite: VK celebrates the reign of Queen Victoria.
  • Nouveau Novelties: Let the yarn do all the work in these Very Easy Very Vogue fashions. Holiday glamour has never been so simple to make and wear.
  • By Invitation Only – Pillows: ‘Tis the season to stitch up presents-what could be better than a coterie of cushions by some of the industry’s best talents?