Spin-off Summer 2010


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FEATURES Behind the Scenes: At SpindleWood by Joanne Seiff Armchair Traveler: Spokane, Washington by Kathleen Cubley Teaching Spinning by Maggie Casey Singles Warp? Yes, you can by Linda Ligon A Handspun Gallery of Horseshoe Caps Of Hands and Hope by Deb Erikson HOW TO Spinning Tips: Staple Length by Amelia Garripoli Spinning Basics: Light and smooth yarns from worsted preparations by Carol Huebscher Rhoades Get Loopy: Experiment with boucle by Jacey Boggs Tahkli Spindles: Beyond cotton by Stephanie Gaustad Drafting Techniques: The long and short of it by Jeannine Bakriges How to Finish Manufactured Fibers—viscose, Lyocell, and azlon by Beth Smith PROJECTS Making Shells— Using up small bits of handspun yarn with modular knitting by Ingrid Brundin Undulating Scarf by Adriana Schoenberg Summer Scarf—Very easy lace by Patsy Sue Zawistoski A Bamboo Scarf on a Rigid-Heddle Loom by Beth Smith