Spin-off Summer 2009


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Armchair Traveler: Sweden by Ingrid Brundin Spinning in Lithuania: The Ties That Bind by Donna Druchunas Biomimicry: Humans and Nature Design a New World by Judith MacKenzie McCuin Yarns of Love by Chris Spitzer Fiber Basics: CVM—Otherwise Known as California Variegated Mutant by Robin Russo Handspun Gallery of Quants Book Excerpt: Spin Control by Amy King Enchanted by a Spinning Wheel by Judy Ross HOW TO Spinning Tips:Why Z and S? by Amelia Garripoli Spinning Basics:Spinning Medium Yarns by Carol Huebscher Rhoades Stick It in Your Ear: Your Body as Spinning Tool by Linda Ligon PROJECTS Winter Sky Slip-Stitch Mittens by Maggie Casey and Roxana Bartlett Swimming in Ribbons: An Inkle-Woven Handbag by Gwen Powell Villsau: Norway’s Ancient Wild Sheep by Carol Huebscher Rhoades Button-Up Neck Warmer by Mavis Adam A Snug CVM Hat by Robin Russo