Spin-off Spring 2009


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Behind the Scenes: At Magpie WoodWorks by Bobbie Irwin Armchair Traveler: London by Diane Mulholland Textile Words: An English Language History by Sharon Collins Dorothy Reade: Spider Woman from Oregon by Donna Druchunas High Whorl, Low Whorl by Abby Franquemont Your Yarn: Spindle-Spun Yarns The Handpainted Wheels of Monica Lenox by Jackie Deems Iowa Mennonite Track Wheel by Kaye D. Collins A Conversation with Elizabeth Prose and Carol Rhoades Fiber Basics: Clun Forest by Carol Huebscher Rhoades Handspun Gallery of Maine Morning Mitts Lanolin for Healing by Suzanne Artley HOW TO Spinning Basics: Finding Balance by Jennifer Shafer Spinning for Needlepoint by Sarah Swett Spinning Perfect Sock Yarn by Judith Mackenzie McCuin PROJECTS Clun Forest Set by Carol Huebscher Rhoades Slotted Scarf by Jillian Moreno