Schacht Drop or Hand Spindles


Schacht hand or drop spindles are balanced, affordable, and pleasing to the eye.

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Schacht spindles are balanced, affordable, and pleasing to the eye.  The Hi-Lo spindles may be used as either a high or low whorl spindle.  The Pear Tahkli is for super fine spinning and the Navajo spindle for thigh spinning.

The Schacht Navajo Spindle is designed for thigh spinning and has a 4 1/2″ diameter whorl and a 30″ long shaft.

The Schacht Pear Tahkli support spindle is designed for spinning short fibers and very fine yarn.  It has a brass shaft and a hard maple pear-shaped whorl.

Hi-Lo Spindles offer the best of both whorls: a brass hook at the top for high-whorl spinning and a grooved shaft for low-whorl spinning. Three sizes offer a broad spectrum of spinning capabilities: 3″ (2.2 ounces), 4″ (3 ounces), and 2″ (1.1 ounces).  Click on photos below to see the Hi-Lo being using with the whorl in both positions.

S43 HiLo up-6Hi-Lo Whorl Down


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Navajo Spindle, Pear Tahkli Spindle, 2 " Hi-Lo Spindle (1.1 oz), 3" Hi-Lo Spindle (2.2 oz), 4" Hi-Lo Spindle (3 oz)