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Eloise Kruger and Her Miniatures by Suzanne Smith Arney Eloise Andrews Kruger amassed a collection of nearly 20,000 pieces of furniture and accessories in 1:12 scale, including upholstery for a chair worked in flamestitch and a needlepointed pillow only 1 inch (2.5 cm) square. Eloise Kruger’s Flamestitch Pattern to Embroider Deanna Hall West used Eloise Kruger’s hand-drawn chart to stitch the pattern as a seat cushion for a miniature wicker chair. The Ubiquitous Loop by Linda Ligon Explore the amazing technique of simple looping, which has been used to create fabrics in virtually all cultures and times; many textile scholars call it universal. Tokens of Love: Quaker Pinballs by Erica Uten As early as 1790, girls at Ackworth School, a Quaker boarding school in England, made knitted pinballs, many of which they presented as gifts to fellow students. A Quaker Pinball to Knit by Christina Inge and the Pinball Motif to Cross-Stitch Use the chart to create a silk knitted pinball or to cross-stitch the motif on fabric. A Miniature Rug to Needlepoint by Frank M. Cooper Stitch this miniature Oriental carpet for your favorite dollhouse owner. A Miniature Lace Tablecloth to Knit for Titania’s Tea Table by Mary Frances Wogec This gossamer tablecloth, worked in fine silk thread on tiny needles, could grace a doll’s table, or frame it as a tribute to your own fine needle skills. Crewel or Jacobean? A Confusion of Terminology by Meryl A. Friedberg Ambrose Are the terms “Jacobean embroidery” and “crewelwork” synonymous? Confusion arises because much Jacobean embroidery originally was worked in the tightly twisted two-ply worsted wool known as crewel yarn. A Jacobean Floral Design in Miniature Punchneedle Embroidery by Robert R. Ambrose Use these step-by-step instructions to create a Jacobean design in the small-scale technique of punchneedle embroidery. PieceWork’s Brooch Contest 2009 Grand-Prize Winner: The Butter“scotch” Brooch and Earr ings to Needlepoint by Sharlotte A. DeVere Re-create the grand-prize winner from our recent brooch contest. As a bonus, the designer has added instructions for matching earrings. Baby Booties from a Vintage Pattern to Knit by Nancie M . Wiseman The designer adapted the pattern for these tiny booties from Flora Campbell Chandler’s booklet of treasured patterns for knitting booties, quilt patterns, and knitted and crocheted laces. ON THE WEB: A Treasure Pouch in Simple Looping designed by Robin Taylor Daugherty Imbue your totems, tokens, or talismans with even more significance by nestling them in a handmade pouch that’s perfect for precious things.

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