Piecework MayJune 2009

Piecework MayJune 2009


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A Needlelace Legacy: Italy’s Aemilia Ars Society by Jeanine Robertson Trace the history of this traditional Italian needlelace from the lacework and embroidery branch of the Aemilia Ars Society, started in 1899. A Rose Needlelace Insert to Stitch by the Associazione Culturale “I merletti di Antonilla Cantelli” and Jeanine Robertson Although the traditional designs of Aemilia Ars needlelace are many, only a few stitches are used to execute the lace; each of those stitches is used in this project. PieceWork’s Crocheted-Lace Challenge by Linda Ligon We invite you to send your version of Link Pattern Lace or Pointed Lace in Crochet Tatting from early-twentieth-century English pattern books to us for publication. Knots and Loops: Untangling the Structure of Lace by Nancy Nehring Explore the differences among knotted and looped laces. A Tribute to a Lace-Knitting Legend: Olga Alexandrovna Fedorova by Galina A. Khmeleva The author looks back at the life of her friend, adviser, confidante, and mentor. Olga’s Indiski [Indian] Shawl to Knit by Galina A. Khmeleva Step-by-step instructions for creating a captivating cashmere lace-knitted shawl inspired by one of Olga Alexandrovna Fedorova’s designs. Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth’s Working Collection of Lace and Needlework by Dianne Derbyshire As a young girl, Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth was interested in all arts and crafts, but embroidery and lace were of special interest; she taught embroidery and lacemaking to others and became a collector to show people “how it was done” in the past. America Nieves-Morales: Master Bobbin-Lacemaker by Mary Stewart Sale America Nieves-Morales’s mother taught her how to make bobbin lace when America was a child in Puerto Rico; she continues to make bobbin lace and shares her knowledge in western Montana.

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