Piecework May June 2010

Piecework May June 2010


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Herbert Niebling: Grand Master of Lace Knitting by Mary Frances Wogec Ardent lace knitters keep the life and designs of this early-twentieth-century German designer alive. A Herbert Niebling–Inspired Lace Bag to Knit by Mary Frances Wogec This bag utilizes many of the stitches used by Herbert Niebling.. An Orenburg Honeycomb Lace Scarf to Knit by Galina A. Khmeleva Create your own luxurious scarf using one of the ten basic elements found in Orenburg-style knitted lace. A Lace Wedding Veil for Rhesa by René E. Wells A mother fulfills her long-ago promise to knit her daughter’s wedding veil. Socks with Fancy Cuffs to Knit by Nancy Bush Nancy Bush worked Estonian nupps (small bobbles) into the cuffs of these soft bison-blend socks. Lace Bonnets from Gelderland, the Netherlands by Henny Abbink, Anke Grevers, and Connie Grevers The expense of buying and maintaining traditional lace bonnets led women in the Netherlands to seek a cheaper alternative, simple knitted or crocheted white cotton bonnets. A Gelderland Baby Hat to Knit by Henny Abbink, Anke Grevers, and Connie Greve This sweet hat features the eight-pointed star motif, a hallmark of traditional bonnets from the Netherlands. The Tatting Treasures of Irene Buckland by Karen E. Hooton The author shares Julia Harvey’s story about preserving Irene Buckland’s tatted-lace legacy and the instructions for re-creating Irene’s laces. A Motif from Irene Buckland’s Sample Book to Tat by Trish Faubion This is a re-creation of one of the small motifs found in Irene Buckland’s tatting sample book. A Dresden Lace Gift Bag to Embroider by Mary Polityka Bush Use double faggot filling and satin stitch, pulled and not pulled, to create this simple but elegant gift bag. The Great Pretender: Dresden Lace Embroidery by Mary Polityka Bush Dresden lace embroidery, a form of delicate, lacy, counted-thread whitework, imitates true lace. Point de Gaze from the Ruth Payne Hellmann Lace Collection by Jo Ann Eurell Explore the history of point de gaze (a light, airy needle lace) and a pair of point de gaze lappets from the collection. Centuries of Magnificent Spanish Lace by Christopher J. B. Phillips Learn how significant lace has been to the country of Spain, culturally and economically. PieceWork’s Crocheted-Lace Challenge II A recap of our challenge from the November/December 2009 issue. Painter’s Tape to the Rescue for Thread Crochet Projects by Terri Wells Terri Wells wraps painter’s tape on a crochet hook to keep loops small yet consistent. What’s in a Name? Maltese Lace, Guipure, Maltese Crochet, Hairpin Lace Is there a connection between the disparate techniques of bobbin lace and crochet, each called “Maltese”? Buckskin and Beads—A Legacy from Geronimo’s Family by Linda Ligon This buckskin doily stands as mute witness to a time and circumstances we today can hardly imagine.

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