Piecework MarApr 2009

Piecework MarApr 2009


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Monograms for Handkerchiefs to Embroider Dress up contemporary or period attire with our elegant monogrammed handkerchiefs. Commend Me to a Knitting Wife: Knitting during the American Civil War and A Civil War–Era Sontag to Knit by Colleen Formby The author’s research will enlighten anyone interested in re-creating period knitted goods. The sontag was an article of women’s clothing worn for warmth in mid-nineteenth-century America. Patriotic Toil: Knitting Socks for Civil War Soldiers and Civil War Socks to Knit by Karin Timour During the American Civil War (1861–1865), wives, mothers, and the girls left behind worried, prayed—and knitted as they never had before. Both original instructions and modern interpretations are provided for knitting Union and Confederate socks. A Pinkeep to Embroider by Elisabeth Shure The tree motif on this pinkeep is adapted from those seen on eighteenth and nineteenth-century Nantucket, Massachusetts, needlework samplers. A Seventeenth-Century Undershirt to Knit by Mary Merrill , Anne Seamans, Betty Shannon , and Adele Harvey Re-create an undershirt, probably worn over a shirt and under an outer garment, based on one in the collection of the Museum of London. A Baby’s Gown to Smock by Allyne Holland and Mom’s Smocking by Emily – Jane Hills Orford Step-by-step instructions for creating a stunning silk baby’s gown embellished with hand smocking and an author’s reflection on the smocking worked by her mother.

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