Piecework MarApr 2008

Piecework MarApr 2008


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THE GLITTERING WORLD OF METAL-THREAD EMBROIDERY and A Choker and Bracelet to Embellish with Metallic Threads by Christen Brown The time-honored tradition of embellishing objects with metal thread spans the globe and step-by-step instructions for working with contemporary metallic threads and materials. CHARLES AHOVISSI: DANCER, DRUMMER, CHOREOGRAPHER, COSTUME DESIGNER, TAILOR by Suzanne Smith Arney An ambassador of the arts brings the traditions of his native Republic of Benin to a new audience. HOW DID THEY DO THAT? In this first installment of a new feature offering step-by-step photographs and instructions for a technique from times past, we examine loop-manipulated braids. BIG PRICES FROM SMALL FINGERS: RECENT TRENDS IN COLLECTING SCHOOLGIRL NEEDLEWORK by Francine Kirsch Samplers and silk pictures worked by eighteenth- and early-nineteenth-century American and English schoolgirls today can fetch ten or more times what they did twenty years ago. BEAUTIFUL BOKANIS: INDIA’S TRADITIONAL TEXTILE FOR THE GROOM by Brinda Gill Discover the traditional embroidered scarf worn by bridegrooms in Gujarat, India. Ukrainian Whitework: A Primrose-Pattern Doily to Stitch by Gay Eaton Whitework has been a specialty of Ukrainian needleworkers for centuries. This intricate doily provides a taste of the technique. TAIWANESE ABORIGINAL EMBROIDERY by Yvonne Cuthbertson Taiwanese tribeswomen used images from their folklore to weave, knit, and embroider embellishments for garments, headdresses, and accessories. THE MURRAY FAMILY DRESS by Jack A . Smith Trace the history of this circa-1830 linsey-woolsey dress. Wishbone Socks to Knit by Nancy Bush Complete instructions for knitting stylish lace socks. ON THE WEB: A Bracelet to Embellish with Metallic Threads by Christen Brown Complete instructions and patterns for making a stunning velvet bracelet embellished with metallic threads and materials. Making Needles in the Nineteenth Century Courtesy of the Forge Mill Needle Museum in Redditch, England Travel back in time and learn about the dangerous job of making needles.

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