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Contents Silken Birds and Plants from Southeast Asia The intricate and masterful embroidery on this linen fabric captures the birds and plants of Southeast Asia in exquisite detail. by Linda Moore Embroider a Blue Bird amid Spring Blossoms Linda Moore, inspired by the Southeast Asian fabric, selected a bird and wisteria blossoms to stitch in silk. Knit Nordic Flower Sachets Nancy Bush welcomes spring with two traditional knitting patterns, the maybell, or lily of the valley, from Estonia and the rose from Sweden. Violets for Spring Since the third century, violets have served as symbols of love and spring on letters, textiles, and books. by Deborah Dwyer Embroider a Bib with Violets Inspired by the pinafore from Deborah Dwyer’s collection, Mary Polityka Bush brings us this sweet springtime bib. Japanese Country Embroidery Although the silk kimonos of urban Japan are familiar to Westerners, the beautifully appliquéd and embroidered robes of the indigenous people of Japan’s northernmost island are hardly known outside that country. by Dolores Bausum Stitch a Pansy Magnet Teresa Iversen’s stitched pansies, when used as refrigerator magnets, will light up a kitchen. Embroider a Counted-Thread Pincushion Susan Greening Davis’s pincushion with silk threads and ribbons will delight needleworkers. Shellwork Shadow-Box Grottoes from Colonial Philadelphia These three-dimensional scenes created with seashells and other objects proclaimed a family’s wealth and status in eighteenth-century England and America. by Laura Keim Stutman Crochet a Shell-Pattern Bonnet Inspired by a turn-of-the-century baby bonnet found at a consignment shop, Maggie Petsch crocheted this bonnet to welcome a new baby. Wrapping Cloths of Korea The sewing and embroidering of wrapping cloths, or bojagi, was often the only creative outlet for Korean women of the Joseon dynasty. by Rita Rogers Embroider a Wrapping Cloth Judy Kettner continues the Korean tradition of wrapping gifts in bojagi with this embroidered cloth. Embroider a Sewing Case Consuelo Rockliff-Stein offers a fashionable way to store and organize threads and needlework tools. Evdokia Sarecheff Yakovleff Gunn: Making a Life Wherever She Could Despite incredible hardships, Evdokia Sarecheff Yakovleff Gunn was a knitter and crocheter to the end of her life. by Nancy Nehring and Ellen Becker The Transformation of Ornamentation: European Trade Goods and Native American Dress Native Americans living in present-day North and South Carolina and Georgia during the early eighteenth century used European goods to embellish and clothe. by Kathy Staples