Piecework JulyAug 2008

Piecework JulyAug 2008


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PieceWork Magazine Presents the Excellence in Needle Arts Awards—Pincushions 2008 We announce the winners of our recent contest. An Estonian Triangular Summer Shawl to Knit by Nancy Bush An exclusive sneak peek from Nancy Bush’s forthcoming book on lace knitting in Estonia. Patch Work: Needlework in a Pennsylvania Mining Town and The Patch House Edging to Knit by Franklin Habit The author explores the life in and needlework from the mining town where his grandmother lived and offers an edging to knit inspired by the town’s company houses. Dorothy Reade: Innovative Knitter, Spinner, and Designer by Donna Druchunas Lace knitter Dorothy Reade’s most lasting legacy was her championship of the use of symbol charts for communicating complex knitting instructions. Use one of her original charts to knit a lace motif. The Crocheted Lace of Koniaków, Poland by Sophie Hodorowicz Knab & Technique: Thread Crochet by Toni Rexroat For centuries, Koniaków was a dirt-poor sheep farming community struggling to exist; now it is the most famous lacemaking center in all of Poland. Toni Rexroat offers step-by-step instructions for an adaptation of a rosette from one of the delicate crocheted laces of Koniaków. In Search of Martha E. Rust and Upperville Academy by Carol S. Meeks The author tracks down the maker of a sampler stitched in 1822. A Sampling of Samplers from the Old Sturbridge Village Collection & Motifs for Cuffs, Collar, and Pocket to Cross-Stitch by Robin Laukhuf Variety characterizes the samplers in the Old Sturbridge Village collection; the author selected three to showcase here and used motifs from one to embellish our project shirt. The Clifton Flag: A Symbol of Defiance by Betty Whiting Flemming A Union flag made by three sisters living in Virginia during the Civil War remains a family treasure. How Did They Do That? Step-by-step photographs or illustrations and instructions for a technique from times past: We examine thread wrapping in this installment. ON THE WEB: PieceWork Excellence in Needle Arts Awards—Pincushions View forty-four of the entries, including all of the winners

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