Piecework JulyAug 2006

Piecework JulyAug 2006


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THE ARNOTT-ROGERS BLUE-AND-WHITE EMBROIDERIES OF SICHUAN George Rogers and his wife, Robina Arnott, brought their collection of exquisite traditional blue-and-white embroideries made by Chinese village women home to Australia. Peg Fraser Stitch Double Running Motifs for a Scarf Peg Fraser selected a design used a hundred years ago on the cuffs of a Sichuan, China, farmer’s cotton shirt to embellish a stunning silk scarf. Double Running Stitch (Two-Sided Embroidery) Learn how to work this easy-to-learn but hard-to-execute stitch used by Chinese embroiderers and known in China as er mien ti (stitch with two faces). MAUVE: A Beautiful Discovery That Revolutionized Textile Science Eighteen-year-old William Henry Perkin’s discovery of the dye color that became known as mauveine changed the developing field of organic chemistry and united science and business. Susan J. Jerome MOUNTMELLICK AND DEERFIELD EMBROIDERY The similarities in both the histories of the two styles of needlework and the techniques themselves are noteworthy. Yvette Stanton A MOUNTMELLICK SUIT A three-piece suit embellished with Mountmellick embroidery. Connie McEvoy Cretan Stitch Linda Moore describes how to work the Cretan stitch, a stitch found July/August 2006 in both Mountmellick and Deerfield embroideries. Embroider and Sew Napkin Rings in the Mountmellick and Deerfield Styles Yvette Stanton interprets the pomegranate motif in Mountmellick and Deerfield embroidery. SUZANIS: The Flower Cloths of Uzbekistan The author’s purchase of several suzanis sent her on a quest to learn more about these dowry pieces originally from the region of Central Asia now known as Uzbekistan. Pamela D. Toler UGLY AND VERY EXPENSIVE: The Cashmere Shawls of Empress Josephine Empress Josephine’s disdain for the paisley-motif wraps didn’t last: soon, she was spending as much as 20,000 gold francs for a single shawl. Isabella Campagnol Fabretti Embroider a Fringed Paisley Throw Follow Kristin Nicholas’s instructions to embroider the paisley motif on a purchased cashmere throw. THE SILK EMBROIDERIES MADE AT SAINT JOSEPH’S ACADEMY, EMMITSBURG, MARYLAND Silk pictorial embroideries made by students at Saint Joseph’s Academy between 1822 and 1841 form the largest group of surviving needlework examples associated with a Maryland school. Gloria Seaman Allen Decorative Knitting, Part III: Knit Paistu Mittens Nancy Bush adapted these traditional Estonian mittens from Aino Praakli’s Kirikindad II [Patterned Mittens II].

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