Piecework JulyAug 2003

Piecework JulyAug 2003


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The Quilts of Gee’s Bend, Alabama These once utilitarian quilts, made from discarded clothing and other textiles between the l930s and l990s in the impoverished area of Gee’s Bend, Alabama, capture the imagination. The bold, vibrant quilts are traveling to several museums throughout the eastern and central United States through February 2006. By Beatrice Levin The Randolph Counterpane Knitted in l850 by Ann Bryant on a grueling l00-day voyage aboard the ship Randolph, this bed coverlet is a tangible reminder of one of the earliest planned English settlements in New Zealand. By Margaret Stove The Language of Clothing Colonial Williamsburg’s exhibition “The Language of Clothing” showcases a collection of nearly a thousand garments, textiles, and accessories to reveal the uses, construction and reconstruction, and myths of eighteenth- and early-nineteenth-century clothing. By Deborah Pulliam Hardangersøm Norway’s Whitework Embroidery Hardangersøm, a type of Norwegian counted whitework with geometric areas of cutwork, has origins in the sixteenth century. Brought to America by Norwegian immigrants, beginning about l840, hardangersøm is increasingly popular both here and abroad. By Yvette Stanton Sweetheart Pincushions of World War I Created by servicemen in military hospitals during World War I, these elaborately decorated and personalized pincushions were a way for the men to show their patriotism, devotion, and love. By Deborah Dwyer Things to Make Randolph Pillow to Knit Cleaning and repairing the Randolph Counterpane inspired Margaret Stove to design and knit this commemorative pillow to showcase the pattern of the original counterpane. Hardanger Placemats to Embroider Yvette Stanton designed and stitched these elegant tea-sized placemats in white cotton on crisp white linen using traditional Norwegian hardangersøm. A Placemat and Napkin to Cross-Stitch Mary Polityka Bush continues her adaptation of projects from Weldon’s Practical Needlework. Here she has selected several cross-stitch motifs from Volume 2 to create a meandering ivy border to stitch on linen. A Quaker Sampler to Cross-Stitch Designed by Kandace Thomas and stitched by Deanna Hall West, this silk-on-linen sampler uses traditional Quaker motifs and alphabets. A Silk Chiffon Scarf to Embroider Designer Ann Caswell used three simple stitches—twisted chain, stem, and fly—to create this graceful and flowing summer scarf.

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