Piecework JanFeb 2005

Piecework JanFeb 2005


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Knit, Felt, and Embroider a Backpack The palette Leigh Radford selected for her stunning backpack evokes the colors used in ancient and modern Moroccan textiles. Frocks, Cloaks, and Pumpkin Hoods: Dressing for Winter in Early-Nineteenth-Century New England Explore the clothing that helped New Englanders escape winter’s chill. by Aimee E. Newell Knit an Old Shale Shawl Evelyn A. Clark’s knitted shoulder shawl incorporates the traditional Old Shale pattern from the Shetland Islands. Early-Seventeenth-Century English Embroidered Jackets More than twenty English embroidered jackets from the first quarter of the seventeenth century survive worldwide. by Brenda Rosseau Embroider a Peapod on a French Cuff Brenda Rosseau embellished a shirt cuff with a peapod, one of the motifs found on early- seventeenth-century English embroidered jackets. Knit Danish Wristlets Nancy Bush adapted the pattern for these wristlets from an eighteenth- century knitted vest now in the collection of the Nordsjællandsk Folkemuseum in Hillerød, Denmark. Danish Knitted Vests Danish women of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries wore their knitted vests day and night. by Lita Rosing-Schow Bead-Knit a Tank Top with Trompe L’Oeil Cables The bead patterning in this tank top by Lily M. Chin creates the illusion of cables. Needleworkers of the North: The Inupiat and Yup’ik of Alaska Alaskan Eskimo women are well known for their prodigious needlework skills, which keep them and their families warm and dry during the long Arctic winters. by Donna Druchunas Baby Carriers of Hong Kong and Neighboring Mainland China For centuries, it has been the custom in China for a mother to carry her baby on her back in a handmade patchwork and embroidered carrier. by Valery Garrett Sew and Embroider a Baby Carrier Mel Persion sewed and embroidered this eye-catching carrier for today’s baby. She Saw Flowers in Her Dreams: Hungarian Embroidery Designer Bori Kis Jankó Bori Kis Jankó was an innovative and talented needleworker in the early twentieth century in Mez’okövesd, Hungary. by Donna Fenton Clothes from Colorful Sacks In the early decades of the twentieth century, many North American families, the author’s included, relied on colorful printed flour or feed sacks to keep clothes on their backs. by Rosalie Tennison Knit and Embroider Selbu Mittens These knitted and embroidered mittens were inspired by hand coverings that were part of traditional Norwegian folk costumes. A Dress Made for a Queen This magnificent dress is believed to have belonged to Queen Woyzaro Terunesh, second wife of Emperor Tewodros II of Ethiopia (circa 1818–1868).

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