Knit Simple Spring Summer 2006


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FEATURES PETAL PUSHERS With a green thumb and nimble fingers, you’ll reap a feminine bouquet of floral tops. Plus: A how-to flower workshop. ONE SWEATER FOUR WAYS Compose a quartet of variations from a single pattern. IT’S A SHORE THING It’s a clear getaway—to the seaside, that is, in crisp knits that adore the shore. BABY LOVE A petite pair of layettes welcome little one prettily. GET IN LINE! Our slenderizing stripes are ripe for the picking. BEACH COMBERS Cheery cotton sweaters let kids wish upon a starfish and romp in an octopus’s garden. LITTLE RED The better to see you in, my dear. A YEAR IN YARN It’s an afghan, it’s a calendar—it’s an heirloom in the making. IN EVERY ISSUE KNITS + THAT Kits, yarns and buttons, and products with which to pamper yourself. BOOKS Crocheted basics, choosing colors and a novel to die for. Plus: Flattering styles for curvy women. ASK JIL Renowned knitwear designer Jil Eaton provides the A’s to your Q’s. SPRING CLEANING Stumped for new ways to use up all that stash yarn? Kristen Hampshire points the way. COLOR BY NUMBERS If you can do simple arithmetic, you can map out pleasing bands of color. By Janine Hornicek PUCKER UP Ruching adds a retro touch to our trio of neon-bright pillows.