Knit Picks Options Harmony Wood Fixed Circular Knitting Needles 47″

Knit Picks Harmony wood fixed circular needles feature the same sharp tips from the Options interchangeable line in a range of different sizes.

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Knit Picks Options Harmony Wood Fixed Circular Knitting Needles have  layers of laminated birch giving the needles a strength that is missing in regular wooden needles. The stability allowed us to shape sharp points- particularly nice for lace knitting. It also made small sizes more durable and resistant to breakage. Being wood, the burnished surface has a slight grip so slick yarns like mohair and angora don’t slip off at the wrong time. This quality also makes them an excellent choice for beginning knitters, who often have trouble keeping stitches on the needles.

The metric sizing system is more precise than the US sizing system. There are two US size 1 – equivalent to 2.25 mm and 2.50 mm and two US size 2 – equivalent to 2.75 mm and 3.00 mm.

The needle tip is 5 1/8 inches long.


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US 0, 2.0 mm, US 1, 2.25 mm, US 2, 2.75 mm, US 3, 3.25 mm, US 4, 3.5 mm, US 5, 3.7 5 mm, US 6, 4.0 mm, US 7, 4.5 mm, US 8, 5.0 m