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Slow Cloth: It’s All About Process

A Gallery

Calling All Garment Weavers!

A Joint Challenge Sponsored by Våv and Handwoven Magazines

A Boundweave Rug By Tom Knisely

Doubleweave Rainbow Windows in Embroidery Thread By Mary Cree Marker

Pearl Cotton and Overshot: A Perfect Union By Mary Berent

Reproduce a Coverlet That Was with Lincoln at Antietam By Rita Hagenbruch

Sumptuous Terry Cloth: Take It for a Spin By Rita Buchanan

Slow Literature: Stories in Tapestry By Sarah Swett

Pick-Up Patterning in “Mock-Satin” Damask By Alison Irwin

Tapestry Wall Dolls By Maurine Adrezin

Doll Dress in Sock Yarn By Hazel Spencer

Shaft Switching for Versatile Patterning in Taquete By Gisela von Weisz

Water Lilies Fabric for a Vest By Jean Down


How Slow Can You Go? Thoughts from Maggie Casey