Handwoven May/June 2011

Handwoven May/June 2011


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Spinning a Yarn for Weaving by Sarah Anderson and Karen Chabinsky

Huck lace: A Love Affair Anne Dixon

What’s Not to Love about Linen? Kate Lange-McKibben

“Dotted Swiss” Napkins with Atwater-Bronson Lace Vicky Tardy

Butterfly Runner Rita Hagenbruch

Summer Tunics in Swedish Lace Sarah H. Jackson

Spaced Warp with Leno Lynnette Lynch

Combining Twills with Huck Lace Coreen Hartig

Petal Pink, Petal Soft Jane Patrick

Little-Sew Lacy Vest on a Simple Loom Judith Shangold

Light-As-Lace Scarves Anne Field

Weave to Sell Eco-Friendly Cotton Scarves Suzie Liles and Robin Lynde

Beaded Bands on a Bow Loom Marilyn Romatka

MATERIAL MATTERS Materials that Matter for Weaving Huck Lace by Pattie Graver

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