Handwoven May Jun 2002


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Ready Sett Go! – For Weavers on the Go

  • Behind the Scenes: Weaving with Words
  • Conference Fashion Shows: A Survivial Guide
  • Weaver’s Potluck: Confessions of a Swatch Addict
  • Dutch Flag Napkins
  • A World-Wide Exchange of Napkins
  • A Day Runner for Weavers
  • Warp Rep for Runners
  • Sett the Table (cloth)! A Picnic Set
  • Getting Together: Placemats and Napkins
  • A Plaid Tablecloth for Casual Gatherings
  • Halvdrall: A Swedish Favorite for Tablecloths
  • Gimme Five! Five Projects on One Warp
  • Shop Smart: Five-Stripe Chenille Scarf and Traid Mohair Throw
  • Weaver’s Network: Textile Programs of the Renfrew Institute