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All Around the Block: Add Designing With Blocks to Your Weaver’s Toolkit

  • The Answer Lady: Happy Endings
  • Back to Basics: Understanding Blocks
  • Rotating Blocks for Dynamic Design
  • TaquetŽ Towels
  • Two on Two: Two-Block Log Cabin Runner
  • Block-weave Rugs
  • Color with Overshot Blocks
  • Eight for Eight: Block Design with Warp Rep
  • Log Cabin with a Supplementary Warp
  • Rose Runner in Bronson Lace
  • N’s and C’s: Taking a Bite From M’s and O’s
  • From Rosepath to Blocks: Farmer’s Market Runner and Napkins
  • Designing Men: Thoughts on Cloth and Gender
  • Beyond Basics: Playing with Blocks