Handwoven Mar Apr 2009

Handwoven Mar Apr 2009


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Camp for Weavers A Survey of Residential Craft Schools by Karen Donde

  • Make it Your Own: A Student Challenge Work by students at Colorado State University
  • Tired of Straight Stripes? Meet the Ondul?? Reed! Linen towels by Suzie Liles
  • Make a Loom and Weave a Hatband in Two Days by Sharon Kersten
  • A Study in Color and a Krokbragd Rug by Wendy Ross
  • Add Beading to Fabrics for One-of-a-Kind Art Pieces A coin purse by Sandra Staff-Koetter with Rebecca Laurence Beaded Silk Scarf with Bands of Beaded Leno by Luciano Abbarno
  • A Kitchen Valance in Brooks Bouquet by Mariellen Boss
  • Showcase Fancy Yarns Scarves by Ann Squire
  • New Projects from Old: from Shawl to Scarf Scarf by Jeanette Tregeagle
  • Answers to a Request: Two Luscious Silk Scarves by Linda Ligon
  • A Peter Collingwood Draft for Scarves by Rosalie Neilson
  • Weave to Sell Felted Lace Scarves by Madelyn van der Hoogt
  • The yarn of the hour Editor’s Choice

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