Handwoven Mar Apr 2004


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Embellish Your Handwovens!

  • For Starters: Start with Silk for an Evening Scarf
  • Dressing up with Beads
  • A Fancy Fringe
  • Beading with Danish Medallions
  • Beyond Basic Black: A Gallery
  • Evening Star Jacket
  • Satin and Tencel for a Shimmering Scarf
  • Inspired by the Bauhaus: Silk Scarf in False Damask
  • Less is More: Understated Elegance
  • Now we are Eight: Dressy Pillows in Chenille
  • A Versatile Vest and Bag
  • Weekend Weaver: Dorset Crosswheel Buttons
  • Handwoven’s Fabric Forecast: Fashions for Fall/Winter ’04-’05
  • Handwoven’s Fabric Forecast Fall/Winter ’04-’05