Handwoven January-February 2009


Volume XXX, Number 1

Issue #143

January/February 2009

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Handwoven presents 12 Fabulous Fuzzy Fabrics!

  • Weaver’s Challenge Results…and a New Challenge!
  • Getting to Know You! -Matching the Finish to the Yarn
  • Felted Hat and Purse
  • Triangular Hat
  • Lusciously Ruffled Scarf
  • A Versatile Vest for Warm Winter Wear
  • Paneled Skirt
  • Lacy, Fulled Shawls in Deflected Doubleweave
  • Log-Cabin Ruana
  • Embellish Handwoven Bags with Needlefelting
  • Felting Fun with Scarves
  • A Lush, Brushed Blanket
  • A Celebration Shawl for a Bright New Year
  • The Yarn of the Hour: Wool