Handwoven January-February 2007


Volume XXVIII, Number 1

Issue #133

January/February 2007

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Handwoven Weave in Black & White

  • For Starters: Bamboo Meets Angora For A Very Soft Scarf
  • Honeycomb Bag In Black And White
  • Warm And Fuzzy: Free Form Pattern For Scarves
  • Now We Are Eight Choose Shadow Weave For Decorative Household Textiles
  • DZvorZ For Handwoven Scarves
  • Pedestrian Rug In Black And White
  • Woven Ruffles For A Versatile Accessory
  • Street Scenes Table Setting
  • A Starry Scarf In Deflected Doubleweave
  • Sula’s Scarf In Fulled Deflected Doubleweave
  • Silk Scarves In Deflected Doubleweave
  • School For Weavers Designing With Deflected Doubleweave
  • Handwoven’s Fabric Forecast – Fabric Forecast For Fall/Winter ’07-’08