Beadwork JuneJuly 2001


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FEATURES Rosalind Pereira¹s Handknotted Jewelry Brinda Gill Bruce St. John Maher: Gifted Artist, Mentor, and Friend Barbara McLean A Dedicated Woman of Valor: Valorie Harlow Mimi Holmes Beaded Beads Mary Libby Neiman 3-D Scallop Stitch Bracelet Pam Nichols Beaded Scissor Case Cindi Edgerton Flower Necklace Arlene Baker Cubes on the Diagonal Sally Ingram Delica-Wire Connection Sheilah Cleary Beaded Tassels to Knit and Crochet Linda Michaluk and Patricia Landry Blackberry Amulet Purse Jane Tyson Building Armatures for Sculptural Beadwork Marta Gilberd Sosna Free-form Right Angle Weave Janet Francis