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One + 0ne Scarves, Shawls and Shrugs

Just released, this book by Iris Schreier, author of Modular Knits, Reversible Knits & Lacy Little Knits, teaches the knitter to incorporate two different skeins into your knitting project. There are over 25 projects designed by Iris Schreier and 14 other designers. there are scarves, cowls and capes, shawls and wraps and shrugs. Techniques include, corrugated rib, mobius cast-on, short rows without wraps, adding beads as you knit, provisional cast-on, and more.

Learn how to stretch and expensive yarns by mixing them with a more affordable yarn. Integrate two different colors of a single yarn, as in Annie Modesitt’s Slip Stitch Wimple.

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