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Loom Knitting

Yes, you read that correctly–loom knitting!  My first knitting loom experience was years ago with the big white plastic loom and a pick. Gauge was extra-large.  You had to double/triple your yarn. Mostly, they were for hats and scarves. Instructions were only for, what we now call, the e-wrap cast on and knit. An e-wrap knit stitch is a twisted knit stitch.

Baxter Cat in the Hat-Loom Knitting
Baxter Cat in the Hat

Baxter Cat in the Hat sports a hat knit with the e-knit stitch that I knit on a Knifty Knitter small round blue loom.  I never liked loom knitting because of that twisted stitch.

Well, times have changed. There are instructions for completing  proper knit and purl stitches, cables, ribbing, short rowing, yarn overs, knitting two together,  garter stitch, and even more.  There are looms in all gauges, shapes, and sizes. I am having fun trying them all out.  Loom knitting is gentler on the hands than traditional knitting.

Loom knitting shapes that I have been knitting on are:  round, rectangle, and oval.  There are specialized looms for afghan, hat, and sock knitting.  That’s right—sock knitting.  Actually, I have used fingering weight to worsted weight yarn on the various sock looms.  The sock loom even uses a short row turned heel.

There are lots of resources and patterns available.  Here is a list of knitting looms I found on Amazon: Knitting Looms

Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set

Leisure Arts has sent me their Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting Set to use and write a review. I have knit a lace cowl using the larger oval loom. Currently, I am working on my copy and photographs for the review.   My review of the Set is coming soon.

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Lace Yarn and Super Fine Yarn Cateogies

Lace Yarn, Super FIne Yarn

Super Fine Yarn  Category 1, Super Fine Yarn includes sock, fingering and baby yarns.  The yarns knit at 27-32 stitches over 4 inches on US Size 1-3 needles. The yarn thicknesses in this category can very.  Just the term sock weight can include fingering weight yarn as well as DK or sport weight yarn.  Some German yarns state that they are 6-fache which is more of a DK or sport weight.

Lace YarnLace yarn includes 10-COUNT crochet thread and cobweb-like yarns. This yarn knits at 33-40 stitches over 4 inches on US Size 000-1 needles.
The lightest weight of yarn is used to make lace, doilies and other delicate items.

This is the last blog in this series.

Yarn Weight Icons

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Jumbo yarn weight

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Club Room Opening


The ceiling is in! We are getting everything organized and put back in place. It is so bright & nice now.

This means we are officially starting up the Thursday afternoon Fiber Closet Club on March 3rd. Bring your current project and join in the fun. Everyone is welcome: knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers, rug hookers, all the fiber arts. Meetings will be every Thursday from 3pm – 5pm in the new club room.

As a reminder, we care greatly about the safety of our customers (and ourselves). When the weather is inclement, the shop will be closed. Please call before you visit if there is severe weather in our area.

Plans are underway for the 2nd annual Illiana Yarn Crawl. Watch this newsletter for announcements when they become available. The dates for 2016 are tentatively set for July 15-28.

Cheryl & Gina have started to Periscope (a live video chat), podcast and record video tutorials. They have set up a mini recording studio in the shop. Stop in & check it out. It’s going to be fun.

The dye room will be set back up soon so look for Cheryl Ann’s Hand-dyed yarn to be back in the shop in the near future.

Be sure to mark April 15-16th on your calendar. The Fiber Closet will be vending at The Fiber Event in Greencastle, Indiana. Our shop will be closed April 14 – 17th.

If you have not yet joined the Facebook group, please go to the Club’s Facebook page & request to join. We will make sure you are added to the group. To join the Thursday Club meeting….simply show up. You will be welcomed with heartfelt smiles & friendly faces.

We hope to see you soon in The Fiber Closet Facebook group and in the shop.

Cheryl & Gina


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Fine Yarn and Light Yarn Categories

Yarn Categories 2 and 3

Fine yarn and Light yarn are some of my favorite yarns.

Light YarnYarn Category 3

DK  (double knitting) weight and light worsted yarns fall into this category. These light yarns are just a little bit thicker than fine yarns and a tiny bit thinner than medium yarns.

Light yarn knits at 21-24 stitches per 4 inches on US Size 5-7 needles.

Fine YarnYarn Category 2

Sport and baby yarns fall in this category.

Fine yarn knits at 23-26 stitches per 4 inches on US Size 3-5 needles.

Fine Yarn and Light Yarn Uses

Sport weight yarn and DK (double knitting) weight yarn are often viewed as interchangeable but sport weight yarn is slightly thinner and lighter.

Both Fine yarn and Light yarn are used for socks, slippers, mittens, gloves, hats, scarves, shawls, wraps, cardigans, sweaters, baby items and other accessories.


Next blog, we will discuss the final two Categories:   1, Super Fine and 0, Lace.


Yarn Weight Icons

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Jumbo yarn weight

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Medium Yarn Category 4

Medium Yarn

Medium Yarn 4

The Medium Yarn category includes worsted, afghan, and aran weight yarns.  Knit gauge for 4 inches of stockinette is 16-20 stitches on US 7-9 needles.

Worsted weight yarn is wonderful for knitting sweaters, scarves, mittens, leg warmers and afghans. Aran and worsted are sometimes used interchangeably but Aran yarns tend to be slightly heavier than worsted yarns.

Yarn brands that are usually found in Category 4:

Cascade Yarns 220 and Superwash 220, Plymouth Encore or Galway, Berroco Ultra Alpaca and Vintage, Ella Rae Classic, Noro Silk Garden just to name a few.

Next blog, we will discuss Categories 3, Light,  and 2, Fine.


Yarn Weight Icons

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Jumbo yarn weight



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Bulky Yarn is Category 5

Bulky Yarn Category 5

Bulky Yarn or Chunky Weight Yarn 5

Bulky yarn will help you knit hats, heavy sweaters, jackets, afghans/throws, scarves and other specialty items quickly.  Category 5 yarns are about twice the diameter of worsted weight yarn.  This yarn works great when Category 6 and 7 yarns are too heavy for your project.

If you are just learning to knit or crochet,  this yarn is great for your first projects because the stitches are easy to see and you get fast results.

Yarn types in this category are often made from wool, mohair, acrylic or wool/synthetic blends.

Knit gauge in stockinette is 12-15 stitches in 4 inches on US Size 7-9 knitting needles.

Biggo Yarn

Knit Picks Biggo Yarn is a Bulky Yarn and is a great knit for blankets, cowls, and mittens.


Next blog, we will discuss Category 4, Medium.

Yarn Weight Icons

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Jumbo yarn weight

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Did You Know There is a New Yarn Weight Category?



Yes, it’s true.  There is a new yarn weight category and it is:       7 Jumbo yarn weight

Category 6, Super Bulky,  had to adjust to make room for Category 7, Jumbo.  Super Bulky (Bulky/Roving) was gauged at knitting 6-11 stitches over 4 inches of stockinette with size US 11 needles and larger.  Now, Super Bulky is gauged at knitting 7-11 stitches over 4 inches of stockinette with size US 11-17 needles.

The new Category 7, Jumbo (Jumbo/Roving), is gauged at 6 stitches over 4 inches of stockinette with size US 17 and larger needles.

Why this new category?  Knitters and yarn designers started using and creating yarn for arm knitting. Curious about arm knitting, check out this  book on Arm Knitting.

Craft Yarn Council thought a new category was necessary to help knitters understand the type of fabric these Jumbo yarns create.

Jumbo yarns make quick work of hats and other fun projects.  SWTC Dream Big is a Jumbo yarn.

Super Bulky yarns also make quick work of hats, cowls, shrugs and scarves.  Encore Mega is a Super Bulky yarn.

These pictures are of hats made with Dream Big and with Encore Mega for your comparison of how the knitted fabric looks.Click on the image for the pattern.

Encore Mega Hat
Encore Mega Hat
Dream Big Hat
Dream Big Hat









Please leave any comments or questions below.

Next blog, we will discuss Category 5, Bulky.

Yarn Weight Icons

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Jumbo yarn weight


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What’s on the Needles

Cascade Yarn 220 Superwash Splatter

Cascade Yarn 220 Superwash SplatterLately, my knitting has been taking a backseat to the actual running of The Fiber Closet.  I just received a shipment from Cascade Yarns.  The yarn was irresistible so I searched for a pattern and started knitting.

Knitting Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash Aran Splatter Diamond Splatters sweater designed by Lorna Miser.  Shade is Color 4, Denim. Using Knit Picks Flexible Stitch Markers .

The pattern is written for the sweater to be knit in pieces but I decided to knit it in the round.

The yarn comes in 12 different shades. If you are interested in buying the yarn, contact me.  It retails for $13.50 per skein of 100% Superwash Merino wool and is Aran weight at 150 yards per 100 gram skein.

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New Shipment of The Sock Ruler

Sock Ruler
Sock Ruler Shipment
Sock Ruler Shipment

A new shipment of The Sock Ruler has arrived.

Be one of the first in your sock knitting group to have this easy-to-use ruler.
Whether you knit your adult-sized socks from the cuff down or toe up, the heavy duty, yet flexible, plastic Sock Ruler displays both metric and imperial measures and works better than a soft tape measure as it lies flat inside the sock for easy accurate measuring.

Order yours today by one of these convenient methods:

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Website Back Online

There is a new theme installed for The Fiber

I needed to install a more responsive theme for all the digital and mobile applications.

I still have more plans for the site, but, I needed to get it back online.

In the future, I plan to load a lot more items on the site.

I invite you to check it out.  If you see any problems with it or have any suggestions, please contact me.  It is a work is progress.