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  • Effective now, The Fiber Closet will be closed on Sundays.  Since our move, I have been working 7 days per week.  Gina has graciously covered for me a few times and worked some Sundays.  With the onset of winter around the corner, I have decided to close on Sundays.  A check of buying patterns revealed that Sunday would be the best choice as most people did their shopping Monday-Saturday.  Shop hours are:  11-5 pm, Monday-Saturday.
  • Knit and Crochet Group will meet from 2-5 pm every Thursday.
  • Charity Group has been suspended.  We will still collect hats and scarves for submission to “Halos of Hope“.  We just will not have a formal group.

Gina is working on a newsletter that will address these changes and some exciting Holiday plans.