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Cheryl Moreo has always loved fiber arts. She grew up on a small farm raising lots of farm animals: chickens, goats, rabbits, cows, pigs, and horses.

She was a member of 4-H and became a 4-H leader. In 4-H, she enjoyed sewing and cooking. 4-H taught her record keeping.

When she married, she lived on an even smaller farm. She raised dairy cows, geese, and chickens. She had a small orchard, a vineyard, and a garden. After hand-milking the cows, she made cottage cheese and churned both ice cream and butter.

For years, Cheryl was a volunteer at Billie Creek Village where she demonstrated knitting, spinning yarn, and weaving rugs.

Upon retiring from her social work career, Cheryl opened “The Fiber Closet” on the square in Rockville, Indiana. She sold yarn and supplies for the knitter, spinner, and weaver. She also taught fiber-related classes.

In 2017, life threw her a punch in the form of breast cancer and her husband, Mike, suffered a heart attack. Both of these events caused them to re-evaluate their life. Cheryl decided to close her brick and mortar shop on the square in Rockville.  The Fiber Closet remains an online shop.

Cheryl has always loved cooking, weaving, spinning, and knitting. She owns numerous knitting machines (both flatbed and circular). Cheryl enjoys taking Mike’s Ohio family recipes and her Indiana farm recipes and fusing them into the food they both can enjoy.

Cheryl loves researching new techniques and taking classes on all sorts of fiber related and cooking venues.

Check out Cheryl’s blog at Cheryl Moreo.  She blogs about all things crafty, cooking, and lifestyle.

Cheryl’s Studio.

Cheryl Moreo Studio
Cheryl Moreo Studio




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